Free Patterns for Knitting, Crochet and Sewing

Un bellissimo post di Thestitchsharer su dove trovare pattern e modelli gratuiti! fabulous!

Ribloggato da thestitchsharer:

car-boot-pattern-freebies1I’ve recently been contacted by several readers about where to find free patterns. So in a true Sunday share fashion, here are a list of all the sites I have found so far. If you have any more to include or can offer feedback about any mentioned below please add your comments.

For Crochet and Knitting:

Ravelry – this site is normally my first  ’port-of-call’ if I’m after a new yarn based pattern.

UK Hand Knitting Association – knitting and crochet patterns with links to other sites

Craft Yarn Council  –  lots of useful guides and info too.

Knitting pattern central – although this site seems to contains lots of adverts, the directory can be useful.

Crochet pattern central – similar format to the above.

Knitting help  – also contains some helpful ‘learn to knit’ videos. – patterns are organized in several different ways to help you find the patterns you’re looking for, e.g. skill level, project type or technique.

Crochet Poet’s Pattern Collection:myHQ – I can’t remember how I found this directory, but I have used it as a ‘quick look up’ as all the headings are in one place.

For Sewing

Burda Style Pattern Store – always useful to see how people have adapted their patterns to make them unique. You can select by size, skill level, or type of item you want to make, tick the box for “Free”.

Pattern review  – before I try out a new pattern, I sometimes use this site to see if anyone else has made it before, how the item turned out and for any tips or advice.

My sewing circle – again, allows you to search for patterns and read comments from users.

All Free Sewing –  a recent find, I’ve yet to have a proper look.

The Mother Huddle – I only found this site whilst researching this post and I’m pretty impressed by it so far.

For General Craft

You can search this craft Tutorial directory on Craftster by category.

If you have ever searched the internet for free patterns you’ll know just how many fabulous sites and directories there are out there –  the info above is not exhaustive and is given simply to help you get started  – I’m not recommending any in particular.  Although some of these sites do require users to “open an account” to search for items, most are free to join, just remember to check out their terms and conditions first.

Despite the benefits of the internet, I still love getting my hands on a free pattern you can actually hold and touch –  your local  libraries pattern books are always worth trolling through. Remember to spread the love of all things stitching – your friends or neighbours might just remember you in their next clear-out!

I normally come across paper pattern treasures when I’m least expecting them, how about this stash? Gratefully received from a car boot seller who was giving away his last few things!

P.S. Forgot to mention, to save you looking too far, if you check out the tabs under my blog header you might just find the pattern you need!



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