Fly Trap

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This is the easiest, non-toxic, and most hygienic way to catch and remove flies from your home. This Fly Trap does not use any chemicals and is safe for your family and pets.


Prepare for the return of the disease-carrying flies! In the summer, our flytrap is a lifesaver!

The system attracts flies with a small piece of bait, and after they land on the bait, the rotation device captures and traps them within! There is no way to get out of this.

This is the most convenient, non-toxic, and sanitary method for catching and removing flies from your home. This Fly Trap does not make use of any chemicals

The Perfect Fly Solution

Did you know flies carry 100 types of bacteria around? on it's legs and in it's poop.

A fly that is hungry will settle on your food and vomit a mixture of saliva and stomach acids. These liquids contain digestive proteins that aid in the breakdown of food before it reaches the mouth of the fly, transforming a solid meal into a soup.

We had to find a way to remove these disease-carrying flies from our lives. This is why we came up with the perfect solution for capturing flies in the most hygienic way.

Easy To Use & Easy To Clean

Simply place bait (such as tuna, fish sauce, or shrimp paste) in the grooves. Mixing bait together will create a stronger attractant for the flies. Connect the USB cable to a power source. Watch the fly trap in action by turning it on. The device is disassembled for easy cleaning.


Quiet Operation

Sit back and relax while the  Fly Trap works without interrupting you while you work, watch TV, relax in your home, or sleep.

Anti Escape System / Safe Around Kids

Once the flies are caught inside, they are unable to escape. The fly trap can be removed separately, the flies disposed of and the fly trap cleaned. No dangerous shocks are used to kill the flies, safe around children.