Olivia - The compact, easy to use content creator tool in a box

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"Olivia is truly amazing & excellent quality for the price! The designers of this product have thought of every last detail. This device is compact, casts a fantastic light, is sturdy and makes creating videos with a phone so much easier. Plus it looks sleek and stylish too! I would absolutely recommend this product to content creators." Catie - 5 Star Review.

☑️ Supports any phone (see photos for iPhone Pro Max shots) with easy overhead shots and multi-angle filming with 360 tilt and rotation. Great for cooking, arts and crafts videos or photos.

☑️ 7 light modes & 3 colour temperatures - Panoramic double-sided, 100 led lamp set-up. Power: 3.8v 1000mAh.

☑️ Completely wireless set-up with Bluetooth remote. Say goodbye to bulky ring lights, overhead phone stands, wires and clamps.

Everyone Can Create Amazing Videos Without A Complex Set-Up

Olivia Overhead Point Of View Mobile Phone Stand For Crafts, Drawing, Art, Esty Sewing picture

Capture A Perfectly Lit Video Of Your Creativity

Filming and creating content can be over whelming and expensive with time consuming, complex set-ups and post production edits.

Good news - your life is about to get easier with Olivia.

Olivia Overhead Point Of View Mobile Phone Stand For Crafts, Drawing, Art, Esty Art picture

A Compact, Minimal Vibe

A innovation like no other tripod. Olivia fits perfectly in your creative space taking up little room so you can focus on your creativity.

Capturing Your Creativity Has Never Been This Convenient

We know the struggle and set-up stress especially for social media. Olivia makes videos hassle free, less expensive and is ready to record anytime and anywhere.

  • Olivia overhead phone stand benefits and features

    The Before

    Time consuming, stressful, and shakey videos.

    • Bulky, Complicated Set-ups

    • Unsightly Wires, Not Portable

    • Single Function Tools

    • Poor Quality, Unable To See What You Film
  • Olivia overhead phone stand benefits and features

    The After

    Simple, super quick and perfectly shot videos!

    • Portable and Compact

    • Completly Wireless

    • Multifuction, Unlimited Angles

    • High Quality, Still Camera Shots

Set-up a stable, complete filming environment at any angle in under 5 seconds.

  • ✔︎ The perfect flay lay every time.

    ✔︎ Multi angle shots with 360 rotation and configurations.

    ✔︎ Strong silicon grips to keep your phone safe and scratch-free.

  • ✔︎ Setup in seconds with the rotate and lock mechanism.

    ✔︎ 20-130cm (7.87 inches to 51.18 inches) height adjustment with 8 different settings.

    ✔︎ Height range in flat lay configuration is 20cm (7.87 inches) to 84cm (33.1 inches).

  • ✔︎ Warm, cool and warm & cool colour temperatures give you multiple lighting options.

    ✔︎ Wireless charge lasts up to 3 hours with a 1000mAh battery.

    ✔︎ Smaller than your lunch box (21 x 8.1 x 6.3cm). Fits in your bag.

    Olivia Unboxing Video